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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaners work by cavitation effect. The ultrasonic transducers convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, inducing cavitation bubbles to agitate a liquid. Then, when the bubbles collapse, the force produced will disrupt and remove the contaminants on the surface of objects.

Compared with traditional hand washing, ultrasonic cleaners are more efficient & effective. It takes only minutes to clean many things at the same time with the same cleaning results with the steady and even ultrasonic waves, saving you time & labor, improving your productivity to a big extent and bringing you higher ROI.

As one of the leading ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers, Quanxin Ultrasonic provides you with high-performance bench top and industrial ultrasonic cleaners of various frequencies & volumes for washing different properties, sizes & quantities of items.

Why Quanxin Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Components quality control

Best Components For Higher Efficiency

It is well known that Q value and aging degree are what indicates the performance of ultrasonic cleaners and generators, and they are decided by the quality of the components used.

Quanxin Ultrasonic is serious about component selection. With more than a decade's experience, we have abundant resources of reliable suppliers who provide us with high efficiency elements.

Thus, all of our ultrasonic cleaners share the following features:

• High mechanical Q value
• Long-time stable running for steady output voltage and current

Specialized Production For Durability

At Quanxin Ultrasonic, our tanks are made by stamping method instead of welding, which can effectively protect the electronics inside from the influence of water leakage.

Besides, our transducers are bonded with imported epoxy and their adhesion to the bottom of the tanks are strengthened with sandblasting so they will be well fixed for the stable running of machines.

Moreover, the workers with years of experience are accomplished enough to make good use of the advanced techniques for nice workmanship & longer life span.

transducer cleaning
Machine aging test

Strict Tests Before Shipment

After finishing the manufacturing of our machines, there will be many tests to check whether they are made to the expectations.

The main tests will include:

• Aging test to check the current stabilization
• Insulation test to ensure safe use
• Pressure-resistance test to ensure the durability of the machines
• Overvoltage & Overcurrent protection tests to guarantee long-term use.
• Cosmetic inspection & Size inspection for good appearance.

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