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Custom Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer

Immersible ultrasonic transducers are widely adopted for extensive use including electroplating pretreatment, jewelry, watch casing & strap dewaxing, glasses frames, glassware & machinery parts. They are easier for application & storage than other cleaners and are a reasonable selection if you have existing tanks and digital generators.

• Efficient & Durable: Transducers used inside with high mechanical Q value promises a high working efficiency when 304 or 316L stainless steel back cover of 2mm thickness structure boasting high acid & alkali resistance for longer service time & good appearance.

• Convenient: Split type structure with socket connection between vibration plate and ultrasonic generator makes it easy to dismount, assemble and maintain the immersibles, which is time-efficient & cost-efficient for your business.

• Versatile: According to different needs, we can make different mounting types including bottom-mounted, side-mounted & top-mounted type for different washing demands.

Considering your different needs for mounting, Quanxin Ultrasonic offers customized stainless steel immersibles in diverse forms and matching generator packages. Just tell us about your cleaning target & your tank size, our engineers are able to come up with the most suitable solution for your reality.

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Mounting Demonstration

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Type  Ultrasonic Power Frequency Size (mm)
QUCI100 100W  25K 28K 40K or required 100×100×80mm
QUCI300 300W  25K 28K 40K or required 200×200×100mm
QUCI500 500W  25K 28K 40K or required 250×250×100mm
QUCI600  600W  25K 28K 40K or required  400×300×100mm
QUCI900 900W  25K 28K 40K or required 500×350×100mm
QUCI1200 1200W  25K 28K 40K or required  500×400×100mm
QUCI1500 1500W  25K 28K 40K or required 600×400×100mm
QUCI1800 1800w  25K 28K 40K or required 650×400×100mm
QUCI2000 2000w  25K 28K 40K or required 700×400×100mm
QUCI2400 2400w  25K 28K 40K or required  750×400×100mm
1:Customize different size immersible transducer according to the cleaning objects.
2: Frequency from 20khz to 200khz.
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