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  • Ultrasonic cleaner parts

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Parts Supply

    Want to make your own ultrasonic cleaners? Here at Quanxin Ultrasonic, you can also get high performance parts for self-assembled cleaning equipment within your budget, saving you time.

  • Experts' guidance on product selection

    Product Selection Guidance

    Don't worry if you have no idea about what kind of machines you need. Just tell us the things you want to clean, and their quantities and sizes, we will then recommend the best ones for you with our rich experience.

  • Piezoceramic sample sending

    Free Sample Checking & Testing

    If you are not sure about the products' quality, some free elements like piezoceramics can be sent to you for checking when the orders are big, and you can also send objects here to test the cleaning effectiveness.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner designing

    Product Design & Customization

    Quanxin Ultrasonic is able to design and build all the commercial and industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment according to your requirements with a strong engineer team and specialized production line.

Comprehensive After-Sale Support

Operating instruction manual

Instructions On Debugging & Application

Quanxin Ultrasonic knows that clear instructions are very important because our users are not familiar with the right ways to apply them.

We offer instruction manuals for machines including benchtop ultrasonic cleaners, industrial ultrasonic cleaners, and ultrasonic generators.

Besides, for customers who buy components to build their own cleaners, we will share our experience and tips for assembly and debugging the generators to match the ultrasonic transducers.

Responsive Technical Support

When you find malfunctions in the machines or their elements, please feel free to contact us.

Our engineers with abundant expertise will diagnose the problems and give you solutions within 12 hours to help you reduce the loss caused by downtime.

We will also collect the common causes for breakdowns for your reference so that you can make a judgment in time and carry out the right measures.

Expert's technical support on the phone
One year warranty

1-Year Warranty

We promise one year warranty for all our machines because of our strong confidence in our products.

During the guarantee period, we will offer you free parts for replacements no matter what the problem is.

Moreover, our service never stops when the period ends, you will enjoy a lifelong technical consultation from us.

Local Maintenance

To make ultrasonic cleaners work longer, machine maintenance is one of the biggest concerns of our customers

Therefore, Quanxin Ultrasonic is trying hard to develop more and more representatives to build repair centers globally so that our clients could get their equipment repaired conveniently.

Now, thanks to our great efforts and support from our partners, we now have two maintenance points in England and Slovenia. And we believe the number will grow in the future.

Ultrasonic cleaner maintenance

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