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Piezo Ceramics

If you are finding components for your piezoelectric products retrofits, Quanxin Ultrasonic is ready to support with custom-featured piezoceramics of exceptional quality.

• Good Piezoelectricity & High Heat Resistance: PZT-4/5/8 lead zirconate titanate material endows the ceramics with good piezoelectric property and makes it possible for your transducers and other items to work in the temperature between -40℃ and 80℃.

• High Stability: Quanxin piezoceramics are processed with imported epoxy which has adhesive strength for stable performance so that the efficiency of your products can be secured.

• Low Resonance Resistance: We apply automatic tunnel kilns silk-screen printing method in production for the good consistency and uniformity of the ceramics, and along with the good materials, we are able to reduce the resonance resistance in order to improve the efficiency of your products.

Find our piezoelectric ceramics in various shapes for different use. And you can also choose customization of sizes, electrodes & materials if you can not find the models you need.

Optimize Your Products With Quanxin Exceptional Piezo Ceramics!

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