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Ultrasonic Generators

Seeking generators for your self-assembly cleaners or retrofits? With rich experience and expertise in designing & developing PCB boards, Quanxin provides you with the widest range of advanced digital ultrasonic generators & circuits varied in frequencies & functions that meet high-quality standard requirements.

• Easy Debugging & Use: Self-matching of voltage, load & power will not be complicated for you with our experts' patient instructions to ensure the resonant frequency with transducers. Then the tracking system and simple key tuning also make it convenient for you to adjust the parameters & reduce failure rate caused by wrongdoings.

• Efficient Work: Thanks to years of research & development, Quanxin is able to offer state-of-the-art circuits & generators designed by professional engineers & equipped with advanced modulation sweep & power intensity control technology, which results in most uniform ultrasonic output & optimal cleaning effectiveness.

• Durable Serving: To ensure the durability & long-time stable running of the digital generators, cooling system, over-heat system & robust steel box is adapted to maximize the protection of the circuit board inside, making our generators cost-effective choices from a long-term perspective for your business development.

We also provide custom service if you have special needs for additional or fewer functions so that you can get the most suitable machines which satisfy all your application needs on budget.

Digital ultrasonic generators are often used in conjunction with industrial ultrasonic cleaners, immersible ultrasonic transducers & ultrasonic rod transducers for cleaning heavier, larger or special objects.

As the essential part of bench tops and also digital generators, the circuits are what produce electric power to enable the transducer to work.

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