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No matter what industries you or your customers come from, Quanxin is able to manufacture the best quality equipment to make the cleaning of almost everything an easy task.

Electronic circuit board

Semiconductor & Electronics

Medical Injectors and glass injection bottle

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Automatic transmission

Automobile & Motorcycle

Classic music Sax tenor saxophone and clarinet

Musical Instrument

Finishing metal working

Machining & Finishing & Hardware Manufacturing

Watch and gems

Watch & Jewelry & Optics

Best Components For Best Quality

The performance of ultrasonic cleaners depends on the performance of their components.

That's why Quanxin is dedicated to the quality improvement of piezoceramics, ultrasonic cleaning transducers, and generator circuits.

Pzt 4 piezoceramic materials

As the basic and most important elements in ultrasonic cleaning transducers, piezoceramics' quality is what really determines the performance of our cleaners.

Quanxin provides piezo ceramics made of PZT-4/5/8, which feature low dielectric loss, high Qm, reasonably good coupling coefficient, and high mechanical and electrical strain properties.

What’s more, we manufacture all our ceramics with the best epoxy and advanced firing methods to realize the high standard of ceramic quality.

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Ultrasonic components and circuits

One-year warranty promises free replacement of components and circuits within guarantee time.

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