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Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaners

In smaller sizes, bench top ultrasonic cleaners does not take you too much space and they are always used to clean small and hard items including jewelries, watches, glasses, medical tools and hardware.

Here in Quanxin Ultrasonic, you will have a variety of options in types, frequencies, functions and volumes, which means you will always find the machines you want on budgets.

• Space-saving::In volume below 58L, Quanxin Bench top ultrasonic cleaners is a good choice for companies with no big room.

• High Performance:: Quality ultrasonic transducer promises a higher cavitation intensity and cleaning effect, when aluminum heating plate ensures a fast, durable and precise control of the temperature.

• Versatile:: All the machines features functions of heating &digital timer adjustment when some even have power control, which meets your different needs in application.

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