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        12 Heads Ultrasonic Atomizer 6000ml


        Brief Introduction:

        ultrasonic negative ionizing mist maker is technological product,which its integration of aroma diffuser and air refresher,help to freshen air,and the mist will add air humidity and clear static electricity,all the things
        are well for human body.If adding one or two drops of disinfectant or aroma liquid,not only it can disinfect and sterilize the air,but also make the room full of fragrant air. Make sure put the mist maker in water,it can easily be misting. Its wide usage is in different craft article,rokery garden fountain decoration and beautification range, also in the hotel place,even the appliance installation of industry

        Product Advantage:

        • Stainless steel material: Good heat
        • Atomized particles small.
        • Humidification efficiency:a large quantity of humidification,humidification significantly faster results.
        • Overheating protection and Lack water protection.
        • Easy to replace the disc piezoceramics and clean the piezoceramics.


        Atomizing Quantity6000ML
        Size230*68*51mm (length*width*height)
        Working Frequency1700±50(KHZ)
        Diameter of Piezo ceramics20mm
        Working Temperature5~45℃
        Overheating Protection50℃
        Water Level40mm-80mm
        Best level: 65mm
        Working Voltage48V DC
        Materialstainless steel
        CableLength 5m
        Voltage220v/50hz 230v/50hz
        120v/60hz 110v/60hz

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